Exterior Scouting

Explore the unknown world outside the wall and compete for strongholds.


PVE tower-climbing gameplay tests players’ continuous combat ability and require players to attack, defend and command properly.

Arena Ranking

Fight other players and their titans based on your own power to win points and reach the top rank.

Colossus Titan Challenge

The Colossus Titan Challenge is a place where players prove their strength and compete with each other. It requires all players to work together to achieve stated goals in the game.

Research and Raise Titans

Players can get titans by drawing titans’ cards.
Raise titan cards and dispatch to all PvP battles.


Players will march to destination according to the route set by the dungeon.
Operate according to the guidance of the indicator.
Players' action will be judged based on their accuracy and timing. Stage rewards are determined by the star rating.

Story Challenge

Story Challenges unlock as the story unfolds. Keep challenging in-game stages to re-experience Attack on Titan’s stories.